Our New Super-Local and Super-Delicious Seeded Bread

UPDATE: In January 2017 we removed the sesame seeds from this product and no longer use sesame in any products.
(updated August 7, 2017)

Have you seen our latest creation? We hope you love it as much as we loved perfecting it! It’s called Seeded Heritage Grains and it’s made with 11 delicious and nutritious seeds and grains—many from right here in the Lancaster area.


Let us tell you a little something about the grains, because we’re really excited about them. We’re now sourcing whole grain local spelt, emmer, einkorn, rye, and stoneground corn from a mill about an hour north of where we make the bread. It’s ground fresh for us right before we pick it up, and it’s truly beautiful stuff.

All of these grains have been cultivated in different parts of the world for many thousands of years. They’re ancient and delicious, some studies suggest easier to digest, and they’re full of beneficial nutrients. And, of course, ours are grown and ground using only certified organic processes.

All the seeds—pumpkin, sunflower, chia, flax (we replaced sesame in early 2017), and poppy—are also certified 100% organic. We mix lots of seeds right into the dough so you get some in every bite, and we also coat every loaf with seeds for an extra-toasty flavor and crunch (and because it makes an amazing-looking loaf).

100% whole grains. 11 seeds and grains. Just a touch of organic Pennsylvania maple syrup. It’s a pound-and-a-half loaf of wonderful local goodness that we’re sure you’ll want to make part of your and your family’s everyday life.