What Our “Best By” Date Really Means

“Best by” dates are a tricky undertaking. Some companies call it an “expiration” date, some a “sell by” date, some a “packaged on” date.

You might be surprised to learn that none of these terms are regulated by the FDA for food. Instead the FDA offers suggested guidelines. Ultimately, these useful dates are printed on packaging at the discretion of the company making the product. In our case, we use the phrase “Best By” because we think it most accurately reflects our goal for the date.

We work extremely hard with our completely natural ingredients to make products that have excellent shelf lives when stored at room temperature. We regularly test our breads under different conditions to ensure that they last at least beyond the “Best By” date we mark on it (even during these crazy hot days of summer).

Bread companies that use harmful unnatural preservatives can do all sorts of things to trick nature, but that comes at a real expense to your health and often the environment. We work with nature to create products that are healthy and earth-friendly.

For most of our breads, the Best By date is a full 10 days from when the bread is baked (the Cinnamon Raisin is dated for 18 days). All of our breads routinely last beyond their marked date at room temperature. We’ve had many marked for 10 days last as long as 14, even 16, days and the Cinnamon Raisin usually goes beyond three weeks.

You can always freeze our bread and then use it as you need it. It works great. The fridge works okay too, but it can make any bread a bit crumbly in our opinion, which isn’t an issue if you toast it. And there are plenty of uses for stale bread, like stuffing, bread pudding, croutons, or a buttery bread crumb topping for mac & cheese.

By the way, we print our Sell By date on the twist tie. It works well, although we’ve found that sometimes the date gets hard to read after the twist tie is reused a few times. We’re working on how to fix that, including a more durable type of twist tie.

We’re really proud of our shelf life. We never use any chemical preservatives and instead keep it fresh as long as we do using old-world techniques and time-tested ingredients to help you enjoy our bread for as long as possible.

That said, there’s no better approach to keeping bread fresh than enjoying it and buying it frequently!