Grade B Maple Syrup is now "Grade A Dark & Robust"

Grade B maple syrup—prized for its nutritional benefits and used as part of the master cleanse diet—is now called Grade A Dark & Robust. It’s also our newest organic product. And it’s really, really great!

Here’s a little background on what used to be called Grade B Maple Syrup….

For a long time, maple syrup producers were concerned that “Grade B” implied lower quality (you know, because a B in school is lower than an A). But in the world of maple syrup, the grade has nothing to do with higher or lower quality. It only refers to darkness, which is based on outside temperatures when the sap is collected from the sugar maple trees.

As temps warm up late in the brief maple syrup season, which lasts only from late winter to early spring, sap turns darker and the flavor gets more pronounced. When the late-season maple sap is boiled down to syrup (40 – 45 gallons of sap to make just one gallon of 100% pure maple syrup!), the resulting maple syrup is darker and more robust in flavor than early-season maple syrup. The quality is just as high, so it’s only a matter of which you enjoy more.

Serious cooks prize Grade A Dark & Robust (formerly Grade B) because it stands up to other bold flavors and is great in recipes. And those who favor darker more intense flavors reach for it ahead of its more delicate but equally delicious siblings, such as Grade A Medium Amber, which we also sell.

Grade A Medium Amber is lighter in color and considered by some to offer the ideal balance of natural sweetness and delicate maple flavor.

They’re both sourced from a single sustainable certified organic maple sugar forest in the mountains of northern Pennsylvania. They’re both bottled under strict organic standards, which get verified regularly. And they’re both incredible!

To us, they’re like children. We love them both equally but enjoy their wonderful differences.