We Own Our Mistakes

Our talented and dedicated production team makes amazing bread. And it’s a complicated process, relying on none of the dough conditioners and chemical additives that so many bread producers add to wrestle nature into submission. Our breads are made from completely natural, living dough, largely by hand, using old-world methods with lots of loving attention given to every loaf.

Any loaf that doesn’t meet our demanding standards gets rejected. We refer to them as “bloopers,” and we eat them on our lunch break or donate them or take them home to enjoy. They’re fine; just not perfect because they stuck to a pan, or an oven temperature spiked, or the slicer tore some crust off, or a hundred other reasons. So we don’t sell them.

We just learned that on December 17, 2015, we had a small mishap with a single oven that resulted in part of a batch of our 100% Whole Wheat with Organic Honey over-proofing. We pulled as bloopers all that we thought were affected, but some got past our quality-assurance steps and went out to stores.

They were perfectly fine in every way and seemed beautiful as usual when sliced (we slice and bag at precisely 95 degrees for optimal moistness and shelf life). Evidently, this over-proofing led them not to last very well in the bags and they got extremely crumbly before their printed best by date of 12/27/2015.

  the bloopers rack

the bloopers rack

We appreciated hearing from a customer who bought a loaf from this batch. Of course, we were disappointed to hear his loaf was overly crumbly, but glad he took the time to let us know. It helped us determine that a partial batch went out that was below our standard.

We’re sorry!

It was only part of this one batch affected, and the only stores to receive bread from this batch of 100% Whole Wheat with Organic Honey were:

·      Lefferts Community Food Co-op (Brooklyn, NY)

·      Mariposa Food Co-op (Philadelphia, PA)

·      Martindale’s Natural Market (Springfield, PA)

·      Park Slope Coop (Brooklyn, NY)

If you got one, let us know and we’ll figure out how to get you a replacement. And we’ll keep working extremely hard to maintain the highest standards. Just know that we take the responsibility of creating delicious, consistent, sustainable, and absolutely safe food very, very seriously.