Food can be healthful, tasty, and clean

We are what we eat. We didn't start out eating citric acid, or lab-created preservatives. The food manufacturing industry has moved closer and closer to the lab and further away from the nutritious goodness of real, wholesome food. 

It doesn't have to be that way. Our breads have a pretty good shelf life--up to 9 days in general; we achieved that through natural means.

So we don't have to add that long list of ingredients like artificial preservatives to extend shelf life. If you refrigerate or freeze our fresh-delivered breads, they will last even longer.

The benefit? Healthful, organic, wholesome food and none of the scary stuff you might see on other products. And really, really tasty food from a local food company, based in Lancaster, PA. 

So this was the first blog post. It feels more like marketing than a conversation, but we'll get better at it over time. We encourage you to add your voice (keep it clean, folks), and join us in our path to provide a range of tasty organic foods made right here in the hometown.